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Sub Packages:



JMeterGUIComponent   Implementing this interface indicates that the class is a JMeter GUI Component.  code | html
UnsharedComponent   Marker interface indicating that an instance of a component cannot be shared.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractJMeterGuiComponent   This abstract class takes care of the most basic functions necessary to create a viable JMeter GUI component.  code | html


CommentPanel   Generic comment panel for Test Elements  code | html
GUIFactory   Provides a way to register and retrieve GUI classes and icons.  code | html
GuiPackage   GuiPackage is a static class that provides convenient access to information about the current state of JMeter's GUI.  code | html
JMeterFileFilter   A file filter which allows files to be filtered based on a list of allowed extensions.  code | html
MainFrame   The main JMeter frame, containing the menu bar, test tree, and an area for JMeter component GUIs.  code | html
MainFrame.WindowHappenings   A window adapter used to detect when the main JMeter frame is being closed.  code | html
NamePanel     code | html
OnErrorPanel     code | html
ReportGuiPackage   ReportGuiPackage is based on GuiPackage, but with changes for the reporting tool.  code | html
ReportMainFrame   ReportMainFrame is based on MainFrame.  code | html
ReportMainFrame.WindowHappenings   A window adapter used to detect when the main JMeter frame is being closed.  code | html
SavePropertyDialog   Generates Configure pop-up dialogue for Listeners from all methods in SampleSaveConfiguration with the signature "boolean saveXXX()".  code | html