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public class: SetIgnoreCacheToTrue [javadoc | source]
Title: Set IgnoreCache To True
Assertion ID: A12.5.3-2.
Assertion Description: The PersistenceManager.setIgnoreCache method called with a value of true is a hint to the query engine that the user expects queries to be optimized to return approximate results by ignoring changed values in the cache. This is not testable, except to see whether the get/set works.
Method from org.apache.jdo.tck.api.persistencemanager.flags.SetIgnoreCacheToTrue Summary:
main,   runTestSetIgnoreCacheToTrue,   test
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assertGetX,   createPCPointInstance,   deletePCPointInstance,   localSetUp,   testState,   testState
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Method from org.apache.jdo.tck.api.persistencemanager.flags.SetIgnoreCacheToTrue Detail:
 public static  void main(String[] args) 
    The main is called when the class is directly executed from the command line.
 public  void runTestSetIgnoreCacheToTrue(PersistenceManager pm) 
 public  void test()