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Sub Packages:

org.apache.james.context   Classes specifically related to the context phase of the Avalon lifecycle  
org.apache.james.core   Implementations of core James services and concepts.  
org.apache.james.dnsserver   Provides classes implementing simple DNS facilities for James  
org.apache.james.mailrepository   Implementations of mail repositories for use in James.  
org.apache.james.nntpserver   Provides classes implementing NNTP functionality.  
org.apache.james.nntpserver.repository   Provides the interfaces that define NNTP articles, groups, and repositories as well as the implementations of those interfaces.  
org.apache.james.pop3server   Provides classes implementing POP3 functionality.  
org.apache.james.remotemanager   Provides classes implementing simple remote management facilities for James  
org.apache.james.security   Provides classes implementing security related functionality. TODO: Should probably rearrange class hierarchy and eliminate this package.  
org.apache.james.services   A set of interfaces for commonly used, generic James concepts.  
org.apache.james.smtpserver   Provides classes implementing SMTP functionality.  
org.apache.james.transport   Classes that implement the matcher/mailet processing chain.  
org.apache.james.transport.mailets   Core mailets for use with the Mailet API.  
org.apache.james.transport.mailets.debug   Debugging mailets for use with the Mailet API.  
org.apache.james.transport.matchers   Core matchers for use with the Mailet API.  
org.apache.james.userrepository   Implementations of user repositories for use in James.  
org.apache.james.util   A variety of utility classes used inside James.  
org.apache.james.util.connection   Provides classes that implement Avalon Cornerstone connection services.  
org.apache.james.util.mail   This package and its sub-packages extend and provide utilities for use with javax.mail , its sub-packages and its implementations.  
org.apache.james.util.watchdog   Provides classes that define and implement a resettable Watchdog interface as well as related classes.  


JamesMBean   An interface to expose James management functionality through JMX.  code | html


Constants   Assorted Constants for use in all James blocks The Software Version, Software Name and Build Date are set by ant during the build process.  code | html
James   Core class for JAMES.  code | html
Main   This is a fake class to display an error message if you try to execute James without having Avalon installed.  code | html