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public class: ObjectFactory [javadoc | source]
This object contains factory methods for each Java content interface and Java element interface generated in the org.apache.geronimo.xml.ns.loginconfig_1 package.

An ObjectFactory allows you to programatically construct new instances of the Java representation for XML content. The Java representation of XML content can consist of schema derived interfaces and classes representing the binding of schema type definitions, element declarations and model groups. Factory methods for each of these are provided in this class.
 public ObjectFactory() 
Method from org.apache.geronimo.xml.ns.loginconfig_1.ObjectFactory Summary:
createLoginConfig,   createLoginConfigType,   createLoginModuleRefType,   createLoginModuleType,   createOptionType
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Method from org.apache.geronimo.xml.ns.loginconfig_1.ObjectFactory Detail:
 public JAXBElement<LoginConfigType> createLoginConfig(LoginConfigType value) 
 public LoginConfigType createLoginConfigType() 
 public LoginModuleRefType createLoginModuleRefType() 
 public LoginModuleType createLoginModuleType() 
 public OptionType createOptionType()