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public class: DependencyManager [javadoc | source]
DependencyManager is very closely-based on the similar class in the Geronimo server. DependencyManager is the record keeper of the dependencies in the Geronimo Eclipse Plugin. The DependencyManager does not enforce any dependencies, it is simply a place where components can register their intent to be dependent on another component, and where other components can query those dependencies.

Like the DependencyManager in the Geronimo server, it uses the nomenclature of parent-child where a child is dependent on a parent. The names parent and child have no other meaning are just a convenience to make the code readable.

The initial usage of this DependencyManager in the GEP is somewhat limited but other usages are possible

Method from org.apache.geronimo.st.core.internal.DependencyManager Summary:
addDependencies,   addDependency,   close,   getChildren,   getParents,   removeAllDependencies,   removeDependency
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Method from org.apache.geronimo.st.core.internal.DependencyManager Detail:
 public  void addDependencies(Artifact child,
    Set parents) 
    Adds dependencies from the child to every parent in the parents set
 public  void addDependency(Artifact child,
    Artifact parent) 
    Declares a dependency from a child to a parent.
 public  void close() 
 public Set getChildren(Artifact parent) 
    Gets all of the children that have a dependency on the specified parent.
 public Set getParents(Artifact child) 
    Gets the set of parents that the child is depending on
 public  void removeAllDependencies(Artifact child) 
    Removes all dependencies for a child
 public  void removeDependency(Artifact child,
    Artifact parent) 
    Removes a dependency from a child to a parent