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abstract public class: ReportingMojoSupport [javadoc | source]
Support for Geronimo mojos which can be processed by a set of Reporter s.
Field Summary
protected  boolean logOutput    Enable logging mode.
    parameter: expression - ="${logOutput}" default-value="false"
protected  File logOutputDirectory    The directory where log files will be put under.
    parameter: expression - ="${logOutputDirectory}" default-value="${project.build.directory}/geronimo-logs"
protected  File logFile    When logOutput is enabled, the output is logged to the file location specified here. If this value is not present, then "${logOutputDirectory}/goal-name" log will be used.
protected  Reporter[] reporters    A set of reporters which will do something interesting with the execution results.
protected  boolean stopOnFailure    Whether to stop or proceed when errors and failures are encountered
    parameter: expression - ="${stopOnFailure}" default-value="true"
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hostname,  port,  username,  password,  project,  artifactRepository
Method from org.apache.geronimo.mavenplugins.geronimo.reporting.ReportingMojoSupport Summary:
execute,   getFullClassName,   getLogFile
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getArtifactRepository,   getProject
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Method from org.apache.geronimo.mavenplugins.geronimo.reporting.ReportingMojoSupport Detail:
 public  void execute() throws MojoExecutionException, MojoFailureException 
    Provides hooks into the reporting interface to allow for customized reports to be generated for goal executions.
 abstract protected String getFullClassName()
    Sub-class must override to provide the goal name.
 protected File getLogFile()