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public interface: WebModuleStats [javadoc | source]

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Method from org.apache.geronimo.management.geronimo.stats.WebModuleStats Summary:
getActiveSessionCount,   getExpiredSessionCount,   getProcessingTime,   getRejectedSessionCount,   getSessionAliveTime,   getSessionCount,   getStartupTime,   getTldScanTime
Method from org.apache.geronimo.management.geronimo.stats.WebModuleStats Detail:
 public CountStatistic getActiveSessionCount()
    Gets the number of currently active sessions.
 public CountStatistic getExpiredSessionCount()
    Gets the number of sessions that have expired.
 public CountStatistic getProcessingTime()
 public CountStatistic getRejectedSessionCount()
    Gets the number of sessions that were not created because the maximum number of active sessions was reached.
 public TimeStatistic getSessionAliveTime()
    Gets the time (in seconds) that an expired session had been alive. (count, max, total)
 public CountStatistic getSessionCount()
    Returns the total number of sessions created by this manager
 public CountStatistic getStartupTime()
 public CountStatistic getTldScanTime()
    Scan the TLD contents of all tag library descriptor files (including those inside the jars that are 'accesible' to this webapp) and register any application event listeners found there.