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public interface: WebContainerStats [javadoc | source]

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All Known Implementing Classes:
    JettyWebContainerStatsImpl, JettyWebContainerStats

Statistics exposed by a web container (for the container as a whole, not a particular servlet/JSP/URL). todo: confirm the definitions of the Jetty stats included here; verify these are valid for Tomcat as well
Method from org.apache.geronimo.management.geronimo.stats.WebContainerStats Summary:
getActiveRequestCount,   getRequestDuration,   getResponses1xx,   getResponses2xx,   getResponses3xx,   getResponses4xx,   getResponses5xx,   getStatsOnMs
Method from org.apache.geronimo.management.geronimo.stats.WebContainerStats Detail:
 public RangeStatistic getActiveRequestCount()
    Gets the number of requests being processed concurrently (as well as the min and max since statistics gathering started).
 public TimeStatistic getRequestDuration()
    Gets the the number of requests that have been processed since statistics gathering started. Gets the length of time taken to process a request (includes figures across all requests since statistics gathering started)
 public CountStatistic getResponses1xx()
    Gets the count of 1xx responses
 public CountStatistic getResponses2xx()
    Gets the count of 2xx responses
 public CountStatistic getResponses3xx()
    Gets the count of 3xx responses
 public CountStatistic getResponses4xx()
    Gets the count of 4xx responses
 public CountStatistic getResponses5xx()
    Gets the count of 5xx responses
 public CountStatistic getStatsOnMs()
    Gets the time duration that stats have been active.