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public interface: TomcatWebConnectorStats [javadoc | source]

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Statistics exposed by a Tomcat web connector (http, https)
Method from org.apache.geronimo.management.geronimo.stats.TomcatWebConnectorStats Summary:
getActiveRequestCount,   getErrorCount,   getRequestTime,   getSpareThreadCount
Method from org.apache.geronimo.management.geronimo.stats.TomcatWebConnectorStats Detail:
 public RangeStatistic getActiveRequestCount()
    Gets the number of requests being processed concurrently (as well as the min and max since statistics gathering started).
 public CountStatistic getErrorCount()
    Gets the number of errors that have been returned since statistics gathering started.
 public TimeStatistic getRequestTime()
    Gets the Time statistics (count, total, Max, Min) for requests (includes figures across all requests since statistics gathering started)
 public RangeStatistic getSpareThreadCount()
    Gets the number of threads currently available (as well as min and max since statistics gathering started. current - The number of threads currently in the pool (currentThreadCount) - the number of threads currently serving requests (currentThreadBusy) HiMark - The maximum number of unused threads that will be allowed to exist until the thread pool starts stopping the unnecessary threads(maxSpareThread) UpperBound - The max number of threads created by the connector (maxThreads) LowerBound - The number of threads created by the connector in the begining (minSpareThread)