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public interface: ThreadPoolStats [javadoc | source]

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Statistics expected for a Thread Pool implementation
Method from org.apache.geronimo.management.geronimo.stats.ThreadPoolStats Summary:
getCountForConsumer,   getThreadConsumers,   getThreadsInUse
Method from org.apache.geronimo.management.geronimo.stats.ThreadPoolStats Detail:
 public CountStatistic getCountForConsumer(String consumer)
    For each consumer listed by getThreadConsumers(), this can be used to find out how many threads that consumer is consuming at the time these statistics were generated.
 public String[] getThreadConsumers()
    Gets a list of the known consumers of threads from this pool. This may not be all consumers, because they won't necessarily identify themselves, but it's a start when tracking down what's using threads in a pool.
 public BoundedRangeStatistic getThreadsInUse()
    Gets the min and max pool size, as well as the most, least, and current number of threads in use.