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Sub Packages:



ConfigurationDataTransformer     code | html
ConfigurationManager   Encapsulates logic for dealing with configurations.  code | html
ConfigurationMarshaler     code | html
ConfigurationParent     code | html
ConfigurationStore   Interface to a store for Configurations.  code | html
DeploymentWatcher   Interface for receiving deployment notifications  code | html
EditableConfigurationManager   A specialized ConfigurationManager that can change the set of GBeans included in the configuration at runtime.  code | html
GBeanState     code | html
LifecycleMonitor   This interface can be used to monitor the progress of an operation on the configuration manager.  code | html
ManageableAttributeStore   Able to retrieve the values of certain "manageable" attributes from a repository that is more accessible to an end user (compared to the serialized data in the ConfigStore).  code | html
PersistentConfigurationList     code | html
SwitchablePersistentConfigurationList     code | html


RecordingLifecycleMonitor.Action     code | html
ChildrenConfigurationClassLoader     code | html
Configuration   A Configuration represents a collection of runnable services that can be loaded into a Geronimo Kernel and brought online.  code | html
ConfigurationAlreadyExistsException     code | html
ConfigurationClassLoader     code | html
ConfigurationData     code | html
ConfigurationInfo     code | html
ConfigurationManagerImpl     code | html
ConfigurationManagerImpl.ShutdownHook     code | html
ConfigurationModel     code | html
ConfigurationModuleType   Configuration types.  code | html
ConfigurationResolver     code | html
ConfigurationStatus     code | html
ConfigurationUtil     code | html
DebugLoggingLifecycleMonitor     code | html
EditableKernelConfigurationManager   Standard implementation of an editable ConfigurationManager.  code | html
IOUtil     code | html
InvalidConfigException   Indicates a invalid Configuration instance.  code | html
KernelConfigurationManager   The standard non-editable ConfigurationManager implementation.  code | html
KernelConfigurationManager.ShutdownHook     code | html
LifecycleException     code | html
LifecycleResults   This class contains the results of a lifecycle operation on the configuation manager.  code | html
MultiParentClassLoader   A MultiParentClassLoader is a simple extension of the URLClassLoader that simply changes the single parent class loader model to support a list of parent class loaders.  code | html
MyGBean     code | html
NoOConfigurationDataTransformer     code | html
NoSuchConfigException   Exception indicating the requestion Configuration could not be located.  code | html
NoSuchStoreException   Exception indicating the requested ConfigurationStore could not be located.  code | html
NullConfigurationStore   A non-functional configuration store that can be extended to be useful.  code | html
NullLifecycleMonitor     code | html
Os   Condition that tests the OS type.  code | html
RecordingLifecycleMonitor     code | html
RecordingLifecycleMonitor.Event     code | html
RecordingLifecycleMonitor.FailedEvent     code | html

This is a utility class used by selectors and DirectoryScanner. 

code | html
SerializedConfigurationMarshaler     code | html
SerializedGBeanState     code | html
SimpleConfigurationManager     code | html
SimpleConfigurationManager.UnloadedConfiguration     code | html