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public interface: InvocationResult [javadoc | source]

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The result of an Invocation. There are two types of result:

Note that these should both be considered a normal completion of the operation by the container. Abnormal completions, such as a RuntimeException or Error from the invocation, or any problem in the interceptor chain itself, should result in a Throwable being thrown up the chain rather than being contained in this result.

This distinction mirrors the semantics for EJB invocations, where a business method is considered to have completed successfuly even if it throws declared Exception - the Exception there is indicating a business level issue and not a system problem.

Method from org.apache.geronimo.interceptor.InvocationResult Summary:
getException,   getResult,   isException,   isNormal
Method from org.apache.geronimo.interceptor.InvocationResult Detail:
 public Exception getException()
    Get the application exception raised by the invocation. It is an error to call this method if the invocation did not raise an exception
 public Object getResult()
    Get the return value from the invocation. It is an error to call this method if the invocation is not complete normally.
 public boolean isException()
    Was an application exception raised by the invocation? Note, this indicates a checked application exception was thrown; this will never contain a system exception
 public boolean isNormal()
    Was this a normal completion (return)?