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public class: DeploymentHelper [javadoc | source]
Helper class that handles locating DDs in directories (mainly WEB-INF, META-INF), building class space and dealing with deployments
Field Summary
protected final  URL url     
protected final  URLType urlType     
protected  URL j2eeURL     
protected  URL geronimoURL     
 public DeploymentHelper(URLInfo urlInfo,
    String j2eeDDName,
    String geronimoDDName) throws DeploymentException 
    Create an helper related to the specified deployment URL with META-INF as the directory with the given files
 public DeploymentHelper(URLInfo urlInfo,
    String j2eeDDName,
    String geronimoDDName,
    String infDir) throws DeploymentException 
    Creates an helper related to the specified deployment URL.
    urlInfo - Deployment URLInfo.
    j2eeDDName - name of the J2EE deployment descriptor file
    geronimoDDName - name of the Geronimo deployment descriptor file
    infDir - the directory where deployment descriptors are to be looked up
    DeploymentException - when the deployment doesn't exist
Method from org.apache.geronimo.deployment.util.DeploymentHelper Summary:
getGeronimoDoc,   getJ2EEDoc,   locateGeronimoDD,   locateJ2EEDD
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Method from org.apache.geronimo.deployment.util.DeploymentHelper Detail:
 public Document getGeronimoDoc(DocumentBuilder parser) 
 public Document getJ2EEDoc(DocumentBuilder parser) 
 public URL locateGeronimoDD() 
    Locates Geronimo's deployment descriptor
 public URL locateJ2EEDD() 
    Locates J2EE deployment descriptor.