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public class: SSLConfig [javadoc | source]
An active SSL configuration. The SSL configuration identifies the KeystoreManager instance to be used for SSL connections, as well as the specifics of the certificates to be used for the connections. The socket factories attached to the CORBA ORBs used the SSLConfig to retrieve SocketFactory instances for creating the secure sockets.
 public SSLConfig() 
 public SSLConfig(KeystoreManager keystoreManager) 
    "Normal" constructor for config items.
    keystoreManager - The keystoreManager instance used to create SSL sockets for this configuration.
Method from org.apache.geronimo.corba.security.config.ssl.SSLConfig Summary:
createSSLFactory,   createSSLServerFactory,   getAlgorithm,   getKeyAlias,   getKeyStore,   getProtocol,   getProvider,   getTrustStore,   setAlgorithm,   setKeyAlias,   setKeyStore,   setProtocol,   setProvider,   setTrustStore
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Method from org.apache.geronimo.corba.security.config.ssl.SSLConfig Detail:
 public SSLSocketFactory createSSLFactory(ClassLoader loader) throws KeystoreException 
    Create an SSLServerSocketFactory instance for creating server-side SSL connections.
 public SSLServerSocketFactory createSSLServerFactory(ClassLoader loader) throws KeystoreException 
    Create an SSLSocketFactory instance for creating client-side SSL connections.
 public String getAlgorithm() 
    The encryption algorithm to use.
 public String getKeyAlias() 
    Retrieve the key alias name to use.
 public String getKeyStore() 
    Retrieve the name of the keystore.
 public String getProtocol() 
    Get the protocol to be used by this SSL configuration. Normally, this is just "SSL".
 public String getProvider() 
    Retrieve the encryption provider to be used for these connnections.
 public String getTrustStore() 
    Retrieve the in-use truststore name.
 public  void setAlgorithm(String algorithm) 
    Algorithm to use. As different JVMs have different implementations available, the default algorithm can be used by supplying the value "Default".
 public  void setKeyAlias(String keyAlias) 
    Set the key alias to be used for the connection.
 public  void setKeyStore(String keyStore) 
    Set the name of the keystore to be used for this connection. This must be the name of a keystore stored within the KeystoreManager instance.
 public  void setProtocol(String protocol) 
    Set the protocol to be used by this configuration.
 public  void setProvider(String provider) 
    Set a new encryption provider for the SSL access.
 public  void setTrustStore(String trustStore) 
    Set the name of the truststore to be used for connections. The truststore must map to one managed by the KeystoreManager instance.