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public class: WorkExecutorPoolImpl [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Based class for WorkExecutorPool. Sub-classes define the synchronization policy (should the call block until the end of the work; or when it starts et cetera).
 public WorkExecutorPoolImpl(int maxSize) 
 public WorkExecutorPoolImpl(Channel channel,
    int maxSize) 
    Creates a pool with the specified minimum and maximum sizes and using the specified Channel to enqueue the submitted Work instances.
    channel - Queue to be used as the queueing facility of this pool.
    maxSize - Maximum size of the work executor pool.
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execute,   getMaximumPoolSize,   getPoolSize,   setMaximumPoolSize,   start,   stop
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Method from org.apache.geronimo.connector.work.pool.WorkExecutorPoolImpl Detail:
 public  void execute(Runnable work) throws InterruptedException 
    Execute the specified Work.
 public int getMaximumPoolSize() 
    Gets the maximum size of this pool.
 public int getPoolSize() 
    Gets the size of this pool.
 public  void setMaximumPoolSize(int maxSize) 
    Sets the maximum size of this pool.
 public WorkExecutorPool start() 
 public WorkExecutorPool stop() 
    Stops this pool. Prior to stop this pool, all the enqueued Work instances are processed. This is an orderly shutdown.