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abstract public class: ValveBase [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Valve, MBeanRegistration, Contained

Convenience base class for implementations of the Valve interface. A subclass MUST implement an invoke() method to provide the required functionality, and MAY implement the Lifecycle interface to provide configuration management and lifecycle support.
Field Summary
protected  Container container    The Container whose pipeline this Valve is a component of. 
protected  Log containerLog    Container log 
protected static  String info    Descriptive information about this Valve implementation. This value should be overridden by subclasses. 
protected  Valve next    The next Valve in the pipeline this Valve is a component of. 
protected static final  StringManager sm    The string manager for this package. 
protected  String domain     
protected  ObjectName oname     
protected  MBeanServer mserver     
protected  ObjectName controller     
Method from org.apache.catalina.valves.ValveBase Summary:
backgroundProcess,   createObjectName,   event,   getContainer,   getContainerName,   getController,   getDomain,   getInfo,   getNext,   getObjectName,   getParentName,   invoke,   postDeregister,   postRegister,   preDeregister,   preRegister,   setContainer,   setController,   setNext,   setObjectName,   toString
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Method from org.apache.catalina.valves.ValveBase Detail:
 public  void backgroundProcess() 
    Execute a periodic task, such as reloading, etc. This method will be invoked inside the classloading context of this container. Unexpected throwables will be caught and logged.
 public ObjectName createObjectName(String domain,
    ObjectName parent) throws MalformedObjectNameException 
 public  void event(Request request,
    Response response,
    CometEvent event) throws IOException, ServletException 
    Process a Comet event. This method will rarely need to be provided by a subclass, unless it needs to reassociate a particular object with the thread that is processing the request.
 public Container getContainer() 
    Return the Container with which this Valve is associated, if any.
 public ObjectName getContainerName() 
 public ObjectName getController() 
 public String getDomain() 
 public String getInfo() 
    Return descriptive information about this Valve implementation.
 public Valve getNext() 
    Return the next Valve in this pipeline, or null if this is the last Valve in the pipeline.
 public ObjectName getObjectName() 
 public ObjectName getParentName(ObjectName valveName) 
    From the name, extract the parent object name
 abstract public  void invoke(Request request,
    Response response) throws IOException, ServletException
    The implementation-specific logic represented by this Valve. See the Valve description for the normal design patterns for this method.

    This method MUST be provided by a subclass.

 public  void postDeregister() 
 public  void postRegister(Boolean registrationDone) 
 public  void preDeregister() throws Exception 
 public ObjectName preRegister(MBeanServer server,
    ObjectName name) throws Exception 
 public  void setContainer(Container container) 
    Set the Container with which this Valve is associated, if any.
 public  void setController(ObjectName controller) 
 public  void setNext(Valve valve) 
    Set the Valve that follows this one in the pipeline it is part of.
 public  void setObjectName(ObjectName oname) 
 public String toString() 
    Return a String rendering of this object.