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public interface: OMText [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

All Known Implementing Classes:
    TextImpl, OMTextImpl

Interface OMText.

OMText can contain data as a String, char[] or a DataHandler.
Method from org.apache.axiom.om.OMText Summary:
getContentID,   getDataHandler,   getNamespace,   getText,   getTextAsQName,   getTextCharacters,   isBinary,   isCharacters,   isOptimized,   setBinary,   setContentID,   setOptimize
Method from org.apache.axiom.om.OMText Detail:
 public String getContentID()
    Gets the content id.
 public Object getDataHandler()
    Gets the datahandler.
 public OMNamespace getNamespace()Deprecated! This -  API is going away. Please use getTextAsQName() instead.

    Returns the Namespace if this contains a QName Return null otherwise
 public String getText()
    Returns the text value of this node.
 public QName getTextAsQName()
 public char[] getTextCharacters()
 public boolean isBinary()
 public boolean isCharacters()
 public boolean isOptimized()
 public  void setBinary(boolean value)
    Sets the isBinary flag.
 public  void setContentID(String cid)
    Set a specific content id
 public  void setOptimize(boolean value)
    Sets the optimize flag.