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public class: SslTransportFactory [javadoc | source]

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An implementation of the TcpTransportFactory using SSL. The major contribution from this class is that it is aware of SslTransportServer and SslTransport classes. All Transports and TransportServers created from this factory will have their needClientAuth option set to false.
Method from org.apache.activemq.transport.tcp.SslTransportFactory Summary:
compositeConfigure,   createServerSocketFactory,   createSocketFactory,   createTransport,   doBind,   setKeyAndTrustManagers
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Method from org.apache.activemq.transport.tcp.SslTransportFactory Detail:
 public Transport compositeConfigure(Transport transport,
    WireFormat format,
    Map options) 
    Overriding to allow for proper configuration through reflection.
 protected ServerSocketFactory createServerSocketFactory() throws IOException 
    Creates a new SSL ServerSocketFactory. The given factory will use user-provided key and trust managers (if the user provided them).
 protected SocketFactory createSocketFactory() throws IOException 
    Creates a new SSL SocketFactory. The given factory will use user-provided key and trust managers (if the user provided them).
 protected Transport createTransport(URI location,
    WireFormat wf) throws UnknownHostException, IOException 
    Overriding to use SslTransports.
 public TransportServer doBind(URI location) throws IOException 
    Overriding to use SslTransportServer and allow for proper reflection.
 public  void setKeyAndTrustManagers(KeyManager[] km,
    TrustManager[] tm,
    SecureRandom random) 
Deprecated! Do not use anymore... using static initializers like this method only allows the JVM to use 1 SSL configuration per broker. - ."