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public interface: ListContainer [javadoc | source]

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Represents a container of persistent objects in the store Acts as a map, but values can be retrieved in insertion order
Method from org.apache.activemq.kaha.ListContainer Summary:
addFirst,   addLast,   doRemove,   get,   getFirst,   getId,   getLast,   getNext,   getPrevious,   isLoaded,   load,   placeFirst,   placeLast,   refresh,   remove,   removeFirst,   removeLast,   setMarshaller,   size,   unload,   update
Method from org.apache.activemq.kaha.ListContainer Detail:
 public  void addFirst(V o)
    Inserts the given element at the beginning of this list.
 public  void addLast(V o)
    Appends the given element to the end of this list. (Identical in function to the add method; included only for consistency.)
 public boolean doRemove(int position)
    remove an objecr from the list without retrieving the old value from the store
 public V get(StoreEntry entry)
    Retrieve an Object from the Store by its location
 public StoreEntry getFirst()
    Get the StoreEntry for the first item of the list
 public Object getId()
 public StoreEntry getLast()
    Get the StoreEntry for the last item of the list
 public StoreEntry getNext(StoreEntry entry)
    Get the next StoreEntry from the list
 public StoreEntry getPrevious(StoreEntry entry)
    Get the previous StoreEntry from the list
 public boolean isLoaded()
 public  void load()
    The container is created or retrieved in an unloaded state. load populates the container will all the indexes used etc and should be called before any operations on the container
 public StoreEntry placeFirst(V object)
    insert an Object in first position int the list but get a StoreEntry of its position
 public StoreEntry placeLast(V object)
    add an Object to the list but get a StoreEntry of its position
 public StoreEntry refresh(StoreEntry entry)
    It's possible that a StoreEntry could be come stale this will return an upto date entry for the StoreEntry position
 public boolean remove(StoreEntry entry)
    remove the Object at the StoreEntry
 public V removeFirst()
    Removes and returns the first element from this list.
 public V removeLast()
    Removes and returns the last element from this list.
 public  void setMarshaller(Marshaller marshaller)
    For homogenous containers can set a custom marshaller for loading values The default uses Object serialization
 public int size()
 public  void unload()
    unload indexes from the container
 public  void update(StoreEntry entry,
    V object)
    Advanced feature = must ensure the object written doesn't overwrite other objects in the container