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public class: ProducerInfo [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Field Summary
public static final  byte DATA_STRUCTURE_TYPE     
protected  ProducerId producerId     
protected  ActiveMQDestination destination     
protected  BrokerId[] brokerPath     
protected  boolean dispatchAsync     
protected  int windowSize     
Fields inherited from org.apache.activemq.command.BaseCommand:
commandId,  responseRequired
 public ProducerInfo() 
 public ProducerInfo(ProducerId producerId) 
 public ProducerInfo(SessionInfo sessionInfo,
    long producerId) 
Method from org.apache.activemq.command.ProducerInfo Summary:
copy,   copy,   createRemoveCommand,   getBrokerPath,   getDataStructureType,   getDestination,   getProducerId,   getWindowSize,   isDispatchAsync,   setBrokerPath,   setDestination,   setDispatchAsync,   setProducerId,   setWindowSize,   visit
Methods from org.apache.activemq.command.BaseCommand:
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Method from org.apache.activemq.command.ProducerInfo Detail:
 public ProducerInfo copy() 
 public  void copy(ProducerInfo info) 
 public RemoveInfo createRemoveCommand() 
 public BrokerId[] getBrokerPath() 
    The route of brokers the command has moved through.
 public byte getDataStructureType() 
 public ActiveMQDestination getDestination() 
 public ProducerId getProducerId() 
 public int getWindowSize() 
    Used to configure the producer window size. A producer will send up to the configured window size worth of payload data to the broker before waiting for an Ack that allows him to send more.
 public boolean isDispatchAsync() 
    If the broker should dispatch messages from this producer async. Since sync dispatch could potentally block the producer thread, this could be an important setting for the producer.
 public  void setBrokerPath(BrokerId[] brokerPath) 
 public  void setDestination(ActiveMQDestination destination) 
 public  void setDispatchAsync(boolean dispatchAsync) 
 public  void setProducerId(ProducerId producerId) 
 public  void setWindowSize(int windowSize) 
 public Response visit(CommandVisitor visitor) throws Exception