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public class: MessageId [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Comparable, DataStructure

Field Summary
public static final  byte DATA_STRUCTURE_TYPE     
protected  ProducerId producerId     
protected  long producerSequenceId     
protected  long brokerSequenceId     
 public MessageId() 
 public MessageId(String messageKey) 
 public MessageId(ProducerInfo producerInfo,
    long producerSequenceId) 
 public MessageId(String producerId,
    long producerSequenceId) 
 public MessageId(ProducerId producerId,
    long producerSequenceId) 
Method from org.apache.activemq.command.MessageId Summary:
compareTo,   copy,   equals,   getBrokerSequenceId,   getDataStructureType,   getProducerId,   getProducerSequenceId,   hashCode,   isMarshallAware,   setBrokerSequenceId,   setProducerId,   setProducerSequenceId,   setTextView,   setValue,   toString
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from org.apache.activemq.command.MessageId Detail:
 public int compareTo(MessageId other) 
 public MessageId copy() 
 public boolean equals(Object o) 
 public long getBrokerSequenceId() 
 public byte getDataStructureType() 
 public ProducerId getProducerId() 
 public long getProducerSequenceId() 
 public int hashCode() 
 public boolean isMarshallAware() 
 public  void setBrokerSequenceId(long brokerSequenceId) 
 public  void setProducerId(ProducerId producerId) 
 public  void setProducerSequenceId(long producerSequenceId) 
 public  void setTextView(String key) 
    Sets the transient text view of the message which will be ignored if the message is marshaled on a transport; so is only for in-JVM changes to accommodate foreign JMS message IDs
 public  void setValue(String messageKey) 
    Sets the value as a String
 public String toString()