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public class: MessageAck [javadoc | source]

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Field Summary
public static final  byte DATA_STRUCTURE_TYPE     
public static final  byte DELIVERED_ACK_TYPE    Used to let the broker know that the message has been delivered to the client. Message will still be retained until an standard ack is received. This is used get the broker to send more messages past prefetch limits when an standard ack has not been sent. 
public static final  byte STANDARD_ACK_TYPE    The standard ack case where a client wants the message to be discarded. 
public static final  byte POSION_ACK_TYPE    In case the client want's to explicitly let the broker know that a message was not processed and the message was considered a poison message. 
public static final  byte REDELIVERED_ACK_TYPE    In case the client want's to explicitly let the broker know that a message was not processed and it was re-delivered to the consumer but it was not yet considered to be a poison message. The messageCount field will hold the number of times the message was re-delivered. 
public static final  byte INDIVIDUAL_ACK_TYPE    The ack case where a client wants only an individual message to be discarded. 
protected  byte ackType     
protected  ConsumerId consumerId     
protected  MessageId firstMessageId     
protected  MessageId lastMessageId     
protected  ActiveMQDestination destination     
protected  TransactionId transactionId     
protected  int messageCount     
protected transient  String consumerKey     
Fields inherited from org.apache.activemq.command.BaseCommand:
commandId,  responseRequired
 public MessageAck() 
 public MessageAck(MessageDispatch md,
    byte ackType,
    int messageCount) 
Method from org.apache.activemq.command.MessageAck Summary:
copy,   getAckType,   getConsumerId,   getDataStructureType,   getDestination,   getFirstMessageId,   getLastMessageId,   getMessageCount,   getTransactionId,   isDeliveredAck,   isInTransaction,   isIndividualAck,   isMessageAck,   isPoisonAck,   isRedeliveredAck,   isStandardAck,   setAckType,   setConsumerId,   setDestination,   setFirstMessageId,   setLastMessageId,   setMessageCount,   setMessageID,   setTransactionId,   visit
Methods from org.apache.activemq.command.BaseCommand:
copy,   getCommandId,   getFrom,   getTo,   isBrokerInfo,   isMarshallAware,   isMessage,   isMessageAck,   isMessageDispatch,   isMessageDispatchNotification,   isResponse,   isResponseRequired,   isShutdownInfo,   isWireFormatInfo,   setCommandId,   setFrom,   setResponseRequired,   setTo,   toString,   toString
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Method from org.apache.activemq.command.MessageAck Detail:
 public  void copy(MessageAck copy) 
 public byte getAckType() 
 public ConsumerId getConsumerId() 
 public byte getDataStructureType() 
 public ActiveMQDestination getDestination() 
 public MessageId getFirstMessageId() 
 public MessageId getLastMessageId() 
 public int getMessageCount() 
    The number of messages being acknowledged in the range.
 public TransactionId getTransactionId() 
 public boolean isDeliveredAck() 
 public boolean isInTransaction() 
 public boolean isIndividualAck() 
 public boolean isMessageAck() 
 public boolean isPoisonAck() 
 public boolean isRedeliveredAck() 
 public boolean isStandardAck() 
 public  void setAckType(byte ackType) 
 public  void setConsumerId(ConsumerId consumerId) 
 public  void setDestination(ActiveMQDestination destination) 
 public  void setFirstMessageId(MessageId firstMessageId) 
 public  void setLastMessageId(MessageId lastMessageId) 
 public  void setMessageCount(int messageCount) 
 public  void setMessageID(MessageId messageID) 
    A helper method to allow a single message ID to be acknowledged
 public  void setTransactionId(TransactionId transactionId) 
 public Response visit(CommandVisitor visitor) throws Exception