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abstract public class: Message [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    MarshallAware, MessageReference, Command

Direct Known Subclasses:
    ActiveMQStreamMessage, ActiveMQMapMessage, ActiveMQBlobMessage, ActiveMQTextMessage, ActiveMQObjectMessage, ActiveMQBytesMessage, ActiveMQMessage

Represents an ActiveMQ message
Field Summary
public static final  int DEFAULT_MINIMUM_MESSAGE_SIZE    The default minimum amount of memory a message is assumed to use 
protected  MessageId messageId     
protected  ActiveMQDestination originalDestination     
protected  TransactionId originalTransactionId     
protected  ProducerId producerId     
protected  ActiveMQDestination destination     
protected  TransactionId transactionId     
protected  long expiration     
protected  long timestamp     
protected  long arrival     
protected  long brokerInTime     
protected  long brokerOutTime     
protected  String correlationId     
protected  ActiveMQDestination replyTo     
protected  boolean persistent     
protected  String type     
protected  byte priority     
protected  String groupID     
protected  int groupSequence     
protected  ConsumerId targetConsumerId     
protected  boolean compressed     
protected  String userID     
protected  ByteSequence content     
protected  ByteSequence marshalledProperties     
protected  DataStructure dataStructure     
protected  int redeliveryCounter     
protected  int size     
protected  Map<String, Object> properties     
protected  boolean readOnlyProperties     
protected  boolean readOnlyBody     
protected transient  boolean recievedByDFBridge     
protected  boolean droppable     
Fields inherited from org.apache.activemq.command.BaseCommand:
commandId,  responseRequired
Method from org.apache.activemq.command.Message Summary:
afterMarshall,   afterUnmarshall,   beforeMarshall,   beforeUnmarshall,   clearBody,   clearProperties,   copy,   copy,   decrementReferenceCount,   getArrival,   getBrokerInTime,   getBrokerOutTime,   getBrokerPath,   getCluster,   getConnection,   getContent,   getCorrelationId,   getDataStructure,   getDestination,   getExpiration,   getGroupID,   getGroupSequence,   getMarshalledProperties,   getMemoryUsage,   getMessage,   getMessageHardRef,   getMessageId,   getMinimumMessageSize,   getOriginalDestination,   getOriginalTransactionId,   getPriority,   getProducerId,   getProperties,   getProperty,   getRedeliveryCounter,   getReferenceCount,   getRegionDestination,   getReplyTo,   getSize,   getTargetConsumerId,   getTimestamp,   getTransactionId,   getType,   getUserID,   incrementRedeliveryCounter,   incrementReferenceCount,   isAdvisory,   isCompressed,   isDroppable,   isDropped,   isExpired,   isInTransaction,   isMarshallAware,   isMessage,   isPersistent,   isReadOnlyBody,   isReadOnlyProperties,   isRecievedByDFBridge,   isRedelivered,   lazyCreateProperties,   onMessageRolledBack,   setArrival,   setBrokerInTime,   setBrokerOutTime,   setBrokerPath,   setCluster,   setCompressed,   setConnection,   setContent,   setCorrelationId,   setDataStructure,   setDestination,   setDroppable,   setExpiration,   setGroupID,   setGroupSequence,   setMarshalledProperties,   setMemoryUsage,   setMessageId,   setOriginalDestination,   setOriginalTransactionId,   setPersistent,   setPriority,   setProducerId,   setProperty,   setReadOnlyBody,   setReadOnlyProperties,   setRecievedByDFBridge,   setRedelivered,   setRedeliveryCounter,   setRegionDestination,   setReplyTo,   setTargetConsumerId,   setTimestamp,   setTransactionId,   setType,   setUserID,   toString,   toString
Methods from org.apache.activemq.command.BaseCommand:
copy,   getCommandId,   getFrom,   getTo,   isBrokerInfo,   isMarshallAware,   isMessage,   isMessageAck,   isMessageDispatch,   isMessageDispatchNotification,   isResponse,   isResponseRequired,   isShutdownInfo,   isWireFormatInfo,   setCommandId,   setFrom,   setResponseRequired,   setTo,   toString,   toString
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from org.apache.activemq.command.Message Detail:
 public  void afterMarshall(WireFormat wireFormat) throws IOException 
 public  void afterUnmarshall(WireFormat wireFormat) throws IOException 
 public  void beforeMarshall(WireFormat wireFormat) throws IOException 
 public  void beforeUnmarshall(WireFormat wireFormat) throws IOException 
 abstract public  void clearBody() throws JMSException
 public  void clearProperties() 
 abstract public Message copy()
 protected  void copy(Message copy) 
 public int decrementReferenceCount() 
 public long getArrival() 
    Used to schedule the arrival time of a message to a broker. The broker will not dispatch a message to a consumer until it's arrival time has elapsed.
 public long getBrokerInTime() 
 public long getBrokerOutTime() 
 public BrokerId[] getBrokerPath() 
    The route of brokers the command has moved through.
 public BrokerId[] getCluster() 
    If a message is stored in multiple nodes on a cluster, all the cluster members will be listed here. Otherwise, it will be null.
 public ActiveMQConnection getConnection() 
 public ByteSequence getContent() 
 public String getCorrelationId() 
 public DataStructure getDataStructure() 
 public ActiveMQDestination getDestination() 
 public long getExpiration() 
 public String getGroupID() 
 public int getGroupSequence() 
 public ByteSequence getMarshalledProperties() 
 public MemoryUsage getMemoryUsage() 
 public Message getMessage() throws IOException 
 public Message getMessageHardRef() 
 public MessageId getMessageId() 
 protected int getMinimumMessageSize() 
 public ActiveMQDestination getOriginalDestination() 
 public TransactionId getOriginalTransactionId() 
 public byte getPriority() 
 public ProducerId getProducerId() 
 public Map<String, Object> getProperties() throws IOException 
 public Object getProperty(String name) throws IOException 
 public int getRedeliveryCounter() 
 public int getReferenceCount() 
 public Destination getRegionDestination() 
 public ActiveMQDestination getReplyTo() 
 public int getSize() 
 public ConsumerId getTargetConsumerId() 
    Can be used to route the message to a specific consumer. Should be null to allow the broker use normal JMS routing semantics. If the target consumer id is an active consumer on the broker, the message is dropped. Used by the AdvisoryBroker to replay advisory messages to a specific consumer.
 public long getTimestamp() 
 public TransactionId getTransactionId() 
 public String getType() 
 public String getUserID() 
    Only set by the broker and defines the userID of the producer connection who sent this message. This is an optional field, it needs to be enabled on the broker to have this field populated.
 public  void incrementRedeliveryCounter() 
 public int incrementReferenceCount() 
 public boolean isAdvisory() 
 public boolean isCompressed() 
 public boolean isDroppable() 
 public boolean isDropped() 
 public boolean isExpired() 
 public boolean isInTransaction() 
 public boolean isMarshallAware() 
 public boolean isMessage() 
 public boolean isPersistent() 
 public boolean isReadOnlyBody() 
 public boolean isReadOnlyProperties() 
 public boolean isRecievedByDFBridge() 
 public boolean isRedelivered() 
 protected  void lazyCreateProperties() throws IOException 
 public  void onMessageRolledBack() 
 public  void setArrival(long arrival) 
 public  void setBrokerInTime(long brokerInTime) 
 public  void setBrokerOutTime(long brokerOutTime) 
 public  void setBrokerPath(BrokerId[] brokerPath) 
 public  void setCluster(BrokerId[] cluster) 
 public  void setCompressed(boolean compressed) 
 public  void setConnection(ActiveMQConnection connection) 
 public  void setContent(ByteSequence content) 
 public  void setCorrelationId(String correlationId) 
 public  void setDataStructure(DataStructure data) 
 public  void setDestination(ActiveMQDestination destination) 
 public  void setDroppable(boolean droppable) 
 public  void setExpiration(long expiration) 
 public  void setGroupID(String groupID) 
 public  void setGroupSequence(int groupSequence) 
 public  void setMarshalledProperties(ByteSequence marshalledProperties) 
 public  void setMemoryUsage(MemoryUsage usage) 
 public  void setMessageId(MessageId messageId) 
 public  void setOriginalDestination(ActiveMQDestination destination) 
 public  void setOriginalTransactionId(TransactionId transactionId) 
 public  void setPersistent(boolean deliveryMode) 
 public  void setPriority(byte priority) 
 public  void setProducerId(ProducerId producerId) 
 public  void setProperty(String name,
    Object value) throws IOException 
 public  void setReadOnlyBody(boolean readOnlyBody) 
 public  void setReadOnlyProperties(boolean readOnlyProperties) 
 public  void setRecievedByDFBridge(boolean recievedByDFBridge) 
 public  void setRedelivered(boolean redelivered) 
 public  void setRedeliveryCounter(int deliveryCounter) 
 public  void setRegionDestination(Destination destination) 
 public  void setReplyTo(ActiveMQDestination replyTo) 
 public  void setTargetConsumerId(ConsumerId targetConsumerId) 
 public  void setTimestamp(long timestamp) 
 public  void setTransactionId(TransactionId transactionId) 
 public  void setType(String type) 
 public  void setUserID(String jmsxUserID) 
 public String toString() 
 public String toString(Map<String, Object> overrideFields)