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public class: ConsumerControl [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Used to start and stop transports as well as terminating clients.
Field Summary
public static final  byte DATA_STRUCTURE_TYPE     
protected  ConsumerId consumerId     
protected  boolean close     
protected  boolean stop     
protected  boolean start     
protected  boolean flush     
protected  int prefetch     
Fields inherited from org.apache.activemq.command.BaseCommand:
commandId,  responseRequired
Method from org.apache.activemq.command.ConsumerControl Summary:
getConsumerId,   getDataStructureType,   getPrefetch,   isClose,   isFlush,   isStart,   isStop,   setClose,   setConsumerId,   setFlush,   setPrefetch,   setStart,   setStop,   visit
Methods from org.apache.activemq.command.BaseCommand:
copy,   getCommandId,   getFrom,   getTo,   isBrokerInfo,   isMarshallAware,   isMessage,   isMessageAck,   isMessageDispatch,   isMessageDispatchNotification,   isResponse,   isResponseRequired,   isShutdownInfo,   isWireFormatInfo,   setCommandId,   setFrom,   setResponseRequired,   setTo,   toString,   toString
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Method from org.apache.activemq.command.ConsumerControl Detail:
 public ConsumerId getConsumerId() 
 public byte getDataStructureType() 
 public int getPrefetch() 
 public boolean isClose() 
 public boolean isFlush() 
 public boolean isStart() 
 public boolean isStop() 
 public  void setClose(boolean close) 
 public  void setConsumerId(ConsumerId consumerId) 
 public  void setFlush(boolean flush) 
 public  void setPrefetch(int prefetch) 
 public  void setStart(boolean start) 
 public  void setStop(boolean stop) 
 public Response visit(CommandVisitor visitor) throws Exception