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public interface: PendingMessageCursor [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

All Known Implementing Classes:
    FilePendingMessageCursor, QueueStorePrefetch, AbstractStoreCursor, StoreQueueCursor, TopicStorePrefetch, VMPendingMessageCursor, StoreDurableSubscriberCursor, AbstractPendingMessageCursor

Interface to pending message (messages awaiting disptach to a consumer) cursor
Method from org.apache.activemq.broker.region.cursors.PendingMessageCursor Summary:
add,   addMessageFirst,   addMessageLast,   addRecoveredMessage,   clear,   destroy,   gc,   getMaxAuditDepth,   getMaxBatchSize,   getMaxProducersToAudit,   getMemoryUsageHighWaterMark,   getMessageAudit,   getSystemUsage,   hasMessagesBufferedToDeliver,   hasNext,   hasSpace,   isEmpty,   isEmpty,   isEnableAudit,   isFull,   isRecoveryRequired,   isTransient,   isUseCache,   next,   pageInList,   release,   remove,   remove,   remove,   reset,   resetForGC,   rollback,   setEnableAudit,   setMaxAuditDepth,   setMaxBatchSize,   setMaxProducersToAudit,   setMemoryUsageHighWaterMark,   setMessageAudit,   setSystemUsage,   setUseCache,   size
Method from org.apache.activemq.broker.region.cursors.PendingMessageCursor Detail:
 public  void add(ConnectionContext context,
    Destination destination) throws Exception
    Add a destination
 public  void addMessageFirst(MessageReference node) throws Exception
    add message to await dispatch
 public  void addMessageLast(MessageReference node) throws Exception
    add message to await dispatch
 public  void addRecoveredMessage(MessageReference node) throws Exception
    Add a message recovered from a retroactive policy
 public  void clear()
    clear all pending messages
 public  void destroy() throws Exception
    destroy the cursor
 public  void gc()
    free up any internal buffers
 public int getMaxAuditDepth()
 public int getMaxBatchSize()
 public int getMaxProducersToAudit()
 public int getMemoryUsageHighWaterMark()
 public ActiveMQMessageAudit getMessageAudit()
 public SystemUsage getSystemUsage()
 public boolean hasMessagesBufferedToDeliver()
 public boolean hasNext()
 public boolean hasSpace()
 public boolean isEmpty()
 public boolean isEmpty(Destination destination)
    check if a Destination is Empty for this cursor
 public boolean isEnableAudit()
 public boolean isFull()
 public boolean isRecoveryRequired()
    Informs the Broker if the subscription needs to intervention to recover it's state e.g. DurableTopicSubscriber may do
 public boolean isTransient()
 public boolean isUseCache()
 public MessageReference next()
 public LinkedList<MessageReference> pageInList(int maxItems)
    Page in a restricted number of messages and increment the reference count
 public  void release()
    hint to the cursor to release any locks it might have grabbed after a reset
 public  void remove()
    remove the message at the cursor position
 public  void remove(MessageReference node)
    remove a node
 public List<MessageReference> remove(ConnectionContext context,
    Destination destination) throws Exception
    remove a destination
 public  void reset()
    reset the cursor
 public  void resetForGC()
    Give the cursor a hint that we are about to remove messages from memory only
 public  void rollback(MessageId id)
    remove from auditing the message id
 public  void setEnableAudit(boolean enableAudit)
 public  void setMaxAuditDepth(int depth)
    Set the maximum depth of message ids to track
 public  void setMaxBatchSize(int maxBatchSize)
    Set the max batch size
 public  void setMaxProducersToAudit(int value)
    set the maximum number of producers to track at one time
 public  void setMemoryUsageHighWaterMark(int memoryUsageHighWaterMark)
 public  void setMessageAudit(ActiveMQMessageAudit audit)
    set the audit
 public  void setSystemUsage(SystemUsage systemUsage)
    Set the UsageManager
 public  void setUseCache(boolean useCache)
    use a cache to improve performance
 public int size()