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public interface: Subscription [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

All Known Implementing Classes:
    QueueBrowserSubscription, DurableTopicSubscription, PrefetchSubscription, TopicSubscription, QueueSubscription, AbstractSubscription

Method from org.apache.activemq.broker.region.Subscription Summary:
acknowledge,   add,   add,   countBeforeFull,   destroy,   gc,   getConsumerInfo,   getContext,   getCursorMemoryHighWaterMark,   getDequeueCounter,   getDispatchedCounter,   getDispatchedQueueSize,   getEnqueueCounter,   getInFlightSize,   getInFlightUsage,   getObjectName,   getPendingQueueSize,   getPrefetchSize,   getSelector,   isBrowser,   isFull,   isHighWaterMark,   isLowWaterMark,   isRecoveryRequired,   isSlave,   matches,   matches,   processMessageDispatchNotification,   pullMessage,   remove,   setCursorMemoryHighWaterMark,   setObjectName,   setSelector,   updateConsumerPrefetch
Method from org.apache.activemq.broker.region.Subscription Detail:
 public  void acknowledge(ConnectionContext context,
    MessageAck ack) throws Exception
    Used when client acknowledge receipt of dispatched message.
 public  void add(MessageReference node) throws Exception
    Used to add messages that match the subscription.
 public  void add(ConnectionContext context,
    Destination destination) throws Exception
    The subscription will be receiving messages from the destination.
 public int countBeforeFull()
 public  void destroy()
    Called when the subscription is destroyed.
 public  void gc()
    The subscription should release as may references as it can to help the garbage collector reclaim memory.
 public ConsumerInfo getConsumerInfo()
    The ConsumerInfo object that created the subscription.
 public ConnectionContext getContext()
 public int getCursorMemoryHighWaterMark()
 public long getDequeueCounter()
 public long getDispatchedCounter()
 public int getDispatchedQueueSize()
 public long getEnqueueCounter()
 public int getInFlightSize()
 public int getInFlightUsage()
 public ObjectName getObjectName()
 public int getPendingQueueSize()
 public int getPrefetchSize()
 public String getSelector()
 public boolean isBrowser()
 public boolean isFull()
 public boolean isHighWaterMark()
 public boolean isLowWaterMark()
 public boolean isRecoveryRequired()
    Informs the Broker if the subscription needs to intervention to recover it's state e.g. DurableTopicSubscriber may do
 public boolean isSlave()
 public boolean matches(ActiveMQDestination destination)
    Is the subscription interested in messages in the destination?
 public boolean matches(MessageReference node,
    MessageEvaluationContext context) throws IOException
    Is the subscription interested in the message?
 public  void processMessageDispatchNotification(MessageDispatchNotification mdn) throws Exception
    Used by a Slave Broker to update dispatch infomation
 public Response pullMessage(ConnectionContext context,
    MessagePull pull) throws Exception
    Allows a consumer to pull a message on demand
 public List<MessageReference> remove(ConnectionContext context,
    Destination destination) throws Exception
    The subscription will be no longer be receiving messages from the destination.
 public  void setCursorMemoryHighWaterMark(int cursorMemoryHighWaterMark)
 public  void setObjectName(ObjectName objectName)
    Set when the subscription is registered in JMX
 public  void setSelector(String selector) throws InvalidSelectorException, UnsupportedOperationException
    Attempts to change the current active selector on the subscription. This operation is not supported for persistent topics.
 public  void updateConsumerPrefetch(int newPrefetch)
    inform the MessageConsumer on the client to change it's prefetch