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public interface: Destination [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Service, Task

All Known Implementing Classes:
    Topic, TempTopic, VirtualTopicInterceptor, BaseDestination, Queue, TempQueue, CompositeDestinationFilter, DestinationFilter

Field Summary
public static final  DeadLetterStrategy DEFAULT_DEAD_LETTER_STRATEGY     
Method from org.apache.activemq.broker.region.Destination Summary:
acknowledge,   addProducer,   addSubscription,   browse,   dispose,   fastProducer,   gc,   getActiveMQDestination,   getBlockedProducerWarningInterval,   getConsumers,   getCursorMemoryHighWaterMark,   getDeadLetterStrategy,   getDestinationStatistics,   getMaxAuditDepth,   getMaxBrowsePageSize,   getMaxPageSize,   getMaxProducersToAudit,   getMemoryUsage,   getMessageStore,   getMinimumMessageSize,   getName,   isActive,   isEnableAudit,   isFull,   isLazyDispatch,   isProducerFlowControl,   isUseCache,   messageConsumed,   messageDelivered,   messageDiscarded,   messageExpired,   processDispatchNotification,   removeProducer,   removeSubscription,   send,   setBlockedProducerWarningInterval,   setCursorMemoryHighWaterMark,   setEnableAudit,   setLazyDispatch,   setMaxAuditDepth,   setMaxBrowsePageSize,   setMaxPageSize,   setMaxProducersToAudit,   setMinimumMessageSize,   setProducerFlowControl,   setUseCache,   slowConsumer,   wakeup
Method from org.apache.activemq.broker.region.Destination Detail:
 public  void acknowledge(ConnectionContext context,
    Subscription sub,
    MessageAck ack,
    MessageReference node) throws IOException
 public  void addProducer(ConnectionContext context,
    ProducerInfo info) throws Exception
 public  void addSubscription(ConnectionContext context,
    Subscription sub) throws Exception
 public Message[] browse()
 public  void dispose(ConnectionContext context) throws IOException
 public  void fastProducer(ConnectionContext context,
    ProducerInfo producerInfo)
    Called to notify a producer is too fast
 public  void gc()
 public ActiveMQDestination getActiveMQDestination()
 public long getBlockedProducerWarningInterval()
 public List<Subscription> getConsumers()
 public int getCursorMemoryHighWaterMark()
 public DeadLetterStrategy getDeadLetterStrategy()
 public DestinationStatistics getDestinationStatistics()
 public int getMaxAuditDepth()
 public int getMaxBrowsePageSize()
 public int getMaxPageSize()
 public int getMaxProducersToAudit()
 public MemoryUsage getMemoryUsage()
 public MessageStore getMessageStore()
 public int getMinimumMessageSize()
 public String getName()
 public boolean isActive()
 public boolean isEnableAudit()
 public  void isFull(ConnectionContext context,
    Usage usage)
    Called when a Usage reaches a limit
 public boolean isLazyDispatch()
 public boolean isProducerFlowControl()
 public boolean isUseCache()
 public  void messageConsumed(ConnectionContext context,
    MessageReference messageReference)
    called when message is consumed
 public  void messageDelivered(ConnectionContext context,
    MessageReference messageReference)
    Called when message is delivered to the broker
 public  void messageDiscarded(ConnectionContext context,
    MessageReference messageReference)
    Called when a message is discarded - e.g. running low on memory This will happen only if the policy is enabled - e.g. non durable topics
 public  void messageExpired(ConnectionContext context,
    Subscription subs,
    MessageReference node)
    Inform the Destination a message has expired
 public  void processDispatchNotification(MessageDispatchNotification messageDispatchNotification) throws Exception
    called on Queues in slave mode to allow dispatch to follow subscription choice of master
 public  void removeProducer(ConnectionContext context,
    ProducerInfo info) throws Exception
 public  void removeSubscription(ConnectionContext context,
    Subscription sub,
    long lastDeliveredSequenceId) throws Exception
 public  void send(ProducerBrokerExchange producerExchange,
    Message messageSend) throws Exception
 public  void setBlockedProducerWarningInterval(long blockedProducerWarningInterval)
    Set's the interval at which warnings about producers being blocked by resource usage will be triggered. Values of 0 or less will disable warnings
 public  void setCursorMemoryHighWaterMark(int cursorMemoryHighWaterMark)
 public  void setEnableAudit(boolean enableAudit)
 public  void setLazyDispatch(boolean value)
    set the lazy dispatch - default is false
 public  void setMaxAuditDepth(int maxAuditDepth)
 public  void setMaxBrowsePageSize(int maxPageSize)
 public  void setMaxPageSize(int maxPageSize)
 public  void setMaxProducersToAudit(int maxProducersToAudit)
 public  void setMinimumMessageSize(int minimumMessageSize)
 public  void setProducerFlowControl(boolean value)
 public  void setUseCache(boolean useCache)
 public  void slowConsumer(ConnectionContext context,
    Subscription subs)
    Called when there is a slow consumer
 public  void wakeup()
    optionally called by a Subscriber - to inform the Destination its ready for more messages