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public class: MasterConnector [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Service, BrokerServiceAware

Connects a Slave Broker to a Master when using Master Slave for High Availability of messages.
 public MasterConnector() 
 public MasterConnector(String remoteUri) throws URISyntaxException 
Method from org.apache.activemq.broker.ft.MasterConnector Summary:
getLocalURI,   getPassword,   getRemoteURI,   getUserName,   isFailedToStart,   isSlave,   isStoppedBeforeStart,   restartBridge,   serviceLocalException,   serviceRemoteCommand,   serviceRemoteException,   setBrokerService,   setFailedToStart,   setLocalURI,   setPassword,   setRemoteURI,   setUserName,   start,   startBridge,   stop,   stopBeforeConnected
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Method from org.apache.activemq.broker.ft.MasterConnector Detail:
 public URI getLocalURI() 
 public String getPassword() 
 public URI getRemoteURI() 
 public String getUserName() 
 public boolean isFailedToStart() 
    Get the failedToStart
 public boolean isSlave() 
 public boolean isStoppedBeforeStart() 
 protected  void restartBridge() throws Exception 
 protected  void serviceLocalException(Throwable error) 
 protected  void serviceRemoteCommand(Command command) 
 protected  void serviceRemoteException(IOException error) 
 public  void setBrokerService(BrokerService broker) 
 public  void setFailedToStart(boolean failedToStart) 
    Set the failedToStart
 public  void setLocalURI(URI localURI) 
 public  void setPassword(String password) 
 public  void setRemoteURI(URI remoteURI) 
 public  void setUserName(String userName) 
 public  void start() throws Exception 
 protected  void startBridge() throws Exception 
 public  void stop() throws Exception 
 public  void stopBeforeConnected() throws Exception