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public class: BlobTransferPolicy [javadoc | source]
The policy for configuring how BLOBs (Binary Large OBjects) are transferred out of band between producers, brokers and consumers.
Method from org.apache.activemq.blob.BlobTransferPolicy Summary:
copy,   createDownloadStrategy,   createUploadStrategy,   getBrokerUploadUrl,   getBufferSize,   getDefaultUploadUrl,   getDownloadStrategy,   getUploadStrategy,   getUploadUrl,   setBrokerUploadUrl,   setBufferSize,   setDefaultUploadUrl,   setUploadStrategy,   setUploadUrl
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Method from org.apache.activemq.blob.BlobTransferPolicy Detail:
 public BlobTransferPolicy copy() 
    Returns a copy of this policy object
 protected BlobDownloadStrategy createDownloadStrategy() 
    Returns the download strategy depending on the information from the uploadURL. Currently supportet HTTP and FTP
 protected BlobUploadStrategy createUploadStrategy() 
    Returns the upload strategy depending on the information from the uploadURL. Currently supportet HTTP and FTP
 public String getBrokerUploadUrl() 
 public int getBufferSize() 
 public String getDefaultUploadUrl() 
 public BlobDownloadStrategy getDownloadStrategy() 
 public BlobUploadStrategy getUploadStrategy() 
 public String getUploadUrl() 
 public  void setBrokerUploadUrl(String brokerUploadUrl) 
    Called by the JMS client when a broker advertises its upload URL
 public  void setBufferSize(int bufferSize) 
    Sets the default buffer size used when uploading or downloading files
 public  void setDefaultUploadUrl(String defaultUploadUrl) 
    Sets the default upload URL to use if the broker does not have a configured upload URL
 public  void setUploadStrategy(BlobUploadStrategy uploadStrategy) 
    Sets the upload strategy to use for uploading BLOBs to some URL
 public  void setUploadUrl(String uploadUrl) 
    Sets the upload URL to use explicitly on the client which will overload the default or the broker's URL. This allows the client to decide where to upload files to irrespective of the brokers configuration.