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public interface: TemplatesHandler [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

A SAX ContentHandler that may be used to process SAX parse events (parsing transformation instructions) into a Templates object.

Note that TemplatesHandler does not need to implement LexicalHandler.

Method from javax.xml.transform.sax.TemplatesHandler Summary:
getSystemId,   getTemplates,   setSystemId
Method from javax.xml.transform.sax.TemplatesHandler Detail:
 public String getSystemId()
    Get the base ID (URI or system ID) from where relative URLs will be resolved.
 public Templates getTemplates()
    When a TemplatesHandler object is used as a ContentHandler for the parsing of transformation instructions, it creates a Templates object, which the caller can get once the SAX events have been completed.
 public  void setSystemId(String systemID)
    Set the base ID (URI or system ID) for the Templates object created by this builder. This must be set in order to resolve relative URIs in the stylesheet. This must be called before the startDocument event.