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public class: ReaderDelegate [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    XMLStreamReader, XMLStreamConstants

Base class for XML stream reader filters.
 public ReaderDelegate() 
 public ReaderDelegate(XMLStreamReader reader) 
    Constructs an empty filter with the specfied parent.
Method from javax.xml.stream.util.ReaderDelegate Summary:
close,   getAttributeCount,   getAttributeLocalName,   getAttributeName,   getAttributeNamespace,   getAttributePrefix,   getAttributeType,   getAttributeValue,   getAttributeValue,   getCharacterEncodingScheme,   getElementText,   getEncoding,   getEventType,   getLocalName,   getLocation,   getName,   getNamespaceContext,   getNamespaceCount,   getNamespacePrefix,   getNamespaceURI,   getNamespaceURI,   getNamespaceURI,   getPIData,   getPITarget,   getParent,   getPrefix,   getProperty,   getText,   getTextCharacters,   getTextCharacters,   getTextLength,   getTextStart,   getVersion,   hasName,   hasNext,   hasText,   isAttributeSpecified,   isCharacters,   isEndElement,   isStandalone,   isStartElement,   isWhiteSpace,   next,   nextTag,   require,   setParent,   standaloneSet
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Method from javax.xml.stream.util.ReaderDelegate Detail:
 public  void close() throws XMLStreamException 
 public int getAttributeCount() 
 public String getAttributeLocalName(int index) 
 public QName getAttributeName(int index) 
 public String getAttributeNamespace(int index) 
 public String getAttributePrefix(int index) 
 public String getAttributeType(int index) 
 public String getAttributeValue(int index) 
 public String getAttributeValue(String namespaceUri,
    String localName) 
 public String getCharacterEncodingScheme() 
 public String getElementText() throws XMLStreamException 
 public String getEncoding() 
 public int getEventType() 
 public String getLocalName() 
 public Location getLocation() 
 public QName getName() 
 public NamespaceContext getNamespaceContext() 
 public int getNamespaceCount() 
 public String getNamespacePrefix(int index) 
 public String getNamespaceURI() 
 public String getNamespaceURI(String prefix) 
 public String getNamespaceURI(int index) 
 public String getPIData() 
 public String getPITarget() 
 public XMLStreamReader getParent() 
    Returns the parent.
 public String getPrefix() 
 public Object getProperty(String name) 
 public String getText() 
 public char[] getTextCharacters() 
 public int getTextCharacters(int sourceStart,
    char[] target,
    int targetStart,
    int length) throws XMLStreamException 
 public int getTextLength() 
 public int getTextStart() 
 public String getVersion() 
 public boolean hasName() 
 public boolean hasNext() throws XMLStreamException 
 public boolean hasText() 
 public boolean isAttributeSpecified(int index) 
 public boolean isCharacters() 
 public boolean isEndElement() 
 public boolean isStandalone() 
 public boolean isStartElement() 
 public boolean isWhiteSpace() 
 public int next() throws XMLStreamException 
 public int nextTag() throws XMLStreamException 
 public  void require(int type,
    String namespaceURI,
    String localName) throws XMLStreamException 
 public  void setParent(XMLStreamReader reader) 
    Sets the parent.
 public boolean standaloneSet()