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public interface: ServiceLifecycle [javadoc | source] This interface defines a lifecycle interface for a JAX-RPC service endpoint. If the service endpoint class implements the ServiceLifeycle interface, the servlet container based JAX-RPC runtime system is required to manage the lifecycle of the corresponding service endpoint objects.
Method from javax.xml.rpc.server.ServiceLifecycle Summary:
destroy,   init
Method from javax.xml.rpc.server.ServiceLifecycle Detail:
 public  void destroy()
    JAX-RPC runtime system ends the lifecycle of a service endpoint instance by invoking the destroy method. The service endpoint releases its resourcesin the implementation of the destroy method.
 public  void init(Object context) throws ServiceException
    Used for initialization of a service endpoint. After a service endpoint instance (an instance of a service endpoint class) is instantiated, the JAX-RPC runtime system invokes the init method. The service endpoint class uses the init method to initialize its configuration and setup access to any external resources. The context parameter in the init method enables the endpoint instance to access the endpoint context provided by the underlying JAX-RPC runtime system. The init method implementation should typecast the context parameter to an appropriate Java type. For service endpoints deployed on a servlet container based JAX-RPC runtime system, the context parameter is of the Java type javax.xml.rpc.server.ServletEndpointContext. The ServletEndpointContext provides an endpoint context maintained by the underlying servlet container based JAX-RPC runtime system