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public interface: TypeMappingRegistry [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

This defines a registry of TypeMapping instances for encoding styles.
Method from javax.xml.rpc.encoding.TypeMappingRegistry Summary:
clear,   createTypeMapping,   getDefaultTypeMapping,   getRegisteredEncodingStyleURIs,   getTypeMapping,   register,   registerDefault,   removeTypeMapping,   unregisterTypeMapping
Method from javax.xml.rpc.encoding.TypeMappingRegistry Detail:
 public  void clear()
    Removes all registered TypeMappings and encodingStyleURIs from this TypeMappingRegistry.
 public TypeMapping createTypeMapping()
    Creates a new empty TypeMapping object.
 public TypeMapping getDefaultTypeMapping()
    Gets the registered default TypeMapping instance. This method returns null if there is no registered default TypeMapping in the registry.
 public String[] getRegisteredEncodingStyleURIs()
    Returns a list of registered encodingStyle URIs in this TypeMappingRegistry instance.
 public TypeMapping getTypeMapping(String encodingStyleURI)
    Returns the registered TypeMapping for the specified encodingStyle URI. If there is no registered TypeMapping for the specified encodingStyleURI, this method returns null.
 public TypeMapping register(String encodingStyleURI,
    TypeMapping mapping)
    Registers a TypeMapping instance with the TypeMappingRegistry. This method replaces any existing registered TypeMapping instance for the specified encodingStyleURI.
 public  void registerDefault(TypeMapping mapping)
    Registers the TypeMapping instance that is default for all encoding styles supported by the TypeMappingRegistry. A default TypeMapping should include serializers and deserializers that are independent of and usable with any encoding style. Successive invocations of the registerDefault method replace any existing default TypeMapping instance. If the default TypeMapping is registered, any other TypeMapping instances registered through the TypeMappingRegistry.register method (for a set of encodingStyle URIs) override the default TypeMapping.
 public boolean removeTypeMapping(TypeMapping mapping)
    Removes a TypeMapping from the TypeMappingRegistry. A TypeMapping is associated with 1 or more encodingStyleURIs. This method unregisters the specified TypeMapping instance from all associated encodingStyleURIs and then removes this TypeMapping instance from the registry.
 public TypeMapping unregisterTypeMapping(String encodingStyleURI)
    Unregisters a TypeMapping instance, if present, from the specified encodingStyleURI.