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OnewayListener   A marker interface for components (for example, servlets) that are intended to be consumers of one-way (asynchronous) JAXM messages.  code | html
ProviderConnection   A client's active connection to its messaging provider.  code | html
ProviderMetaData   Information about the messaging provider to which a client has a connection.  code | html
ReqRespListener   A marker interface for components that are intended to be consumers of request-response messages.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

JAXMServlet   The superclass for components that live in a servlet container that receives JAXM messages.  code | html
ProviderConnectionFactory   A factory for creating connections to a particular messaging provider.  code | html


Endpoint   An opaque representation of an application endpoint.  code | html
FactoryFinder     code | html
JAXMException   An exception that signals that a JAXM exception has occurred.  code | html
URLEndpoint   A special case of the Endpoint class used for simple applications that want to communicate directly with another SOAP-based application in a point-to-point fashion instead of going through a messaging provider.  code | html