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public interface: OnewayListener [javadoc | source] A marker interface for components (for example, servlets) that are intended to be consumers of one-way (asynchronous) JAXM messages. The receiver of a one-way message is sent the message in one operation, and it sends the response in another separate operation. The time interval between the receipt of a one-way message and the sending of the response may be measured in fractions of seconds or days.

The implementation of the onMessage method defines how the receiver responds to the SOAPMessage object that was passed to the onMessage method.

Method from javax.xml.messaging.OnewayListener Summary:
Method from javax.xml.messaging.OnewayListener Detail:
 public  void onMessage(SOAPMessage message)
    Passes the given SOAPMessage object to this OnewayListener object. This method is invoked behind the scenes, typically by the container (servlet or EJB container) after the messaging provider delivers the message to the container. It is expected that EJB Containers will deliver JAXM messages to EJB components using message driven Beans that implement the javax.xml.messaging.OnewayListener interface.