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abstract public class: KeySelector [javadoc | source]

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A selector that finds and returns a key using the data contained in a KeyInfo object. An example of an implementation of this class is one that searchs a java.security.KeyStore for trusted keys that match information contained in a KeyInfo.

Whether or not the returned key is trusted and the mechanisms used to determine that is implementation-specific.

Nested Class Summary:
public static class  KeySelector.Purpose  The purpose of the key that is to be selected. 
 protected KeySelector() 
Method from javax.xml.crypto.KeySelector Summary:
select,   singletonKeySelector
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Method from javax.xml.crypto.KeySelector Detail:
 abstract public KeySelectorResult select(KeyInfo keyInfo,
    Purpose purpose,
    AlgorithmMethod method,
    XMLCryptoContext context) throws KeySelectorException
    Attempts to find a key that satisfies the specified constraints.
 public static KeySelector singletonKeySelector(Key key) 
    Returns a KeySelector that always selects the specified key, regardless of the KeyInfo passed to it.