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public class: ValidationEventCollector [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

ValidationEventHandler implementation that collects all events.

To use this class, create a new instance and pass it to the setEventHandler method of the Validator, Unmarshaller, Marshaller class. After the call to validate or unmarshal completes, call the getEvents method to retrieve all the reported errors and warnings.

Method from javax.xml.bind.util.ValidationEventCollector Summary:
getEvents,   handleEvent,   hasEvents,   reset
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Method from javax.xml.bind.util.ValidationEventCollector Detail:
 public ValidationEvent[] getEvents() 
    Return an array of ValidationEvent objects containing a copy of each of the collected errors and warnings.
 public boolean handleEvent(ValidationEvent event) 
 public boolean hasEvents() 
    Returns true if this event collector contains at least one ValidationEvent.
 public  void reset() 
    Clear all collected errors and warnings.