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class: Messages [javadoc | source]
Formats error messages.
Field Summary
static final  String INPUTSTREAM_NOT_NULL     
static final  String MUST_BE_BOOLEAN     
static final  String MUST_BE_STRING     
static final  String SEVERITY_MESSAGE     
static final  String LOCATION_UNAVAILABLE     
static final  String UNRECOGNIZED_SEVERITY     
static final  String WARNING     
static final  String ERROR     
static final  String FATAL_ERROR     
static final  String ILLEGAL_SEVERITY     
static final  String MUST_NOT_BE_NULL     
Method from javax.xml.bind.helpers.Messages Summary:
format,   format,   format,   format,   format
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Method from javax.xml.bind.helpers.Messages Detail:
 static String format(String property) 
 static String format(String property,
    Object arg1) 
 static String format(String property,
    Object[] args) 
    Loads a string resource and formats it with specified arguments.
 static String format(String property,
    Object arg1,
    Object arg2) 
 static String format(String property,
    Object arg1,
    Object arg2,
    Object arg3)