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abstract public class: AttachmentUnmarshaller [javadoc | source]

Enables JAXB unmarshalling of a root document containing optimized binary data formats.

This API enables an efficient cooperative processing of optimized binary data formats between a JAXB 2.0 implementation and MIME-based package processor (MTOM/XOP and WS-I AP 1.0). JAXB unmarshals the body of a package, delegating the understanding of the packaging format being used to a MIME-based package processor that implements this abstract class.

This abstract class identifies if a package requires XOP processing, #isXOPPackage() and provides retrieval of binary content stored as attachments by content-id.

Identifying the content-id, cid, to pass to getAttachment*(String cid)

Method from javax.xml.bind.attachment.AttachmentUnmarshaller Summary:
getAttachmentAsByteArray,   getAttachmentAsDataHandler,   isXOPPackage
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Method from javax.xml.bind.attachment.AttachmentUnmarshaller Detail:
 abstract public byte[] getAttachmentAsByteArray(String cid)

    Retrieve the attachment identified by content-id, cid, as a byte[]

 abstract public DataHandler getAttachmentAsDataHandler(String cid)

    Lookup MIME content by content-id, cid, and return as a DataHandler .

    The returned DataHandler instance must be configured to meet the following required mapping constaint.
    Required Mappings between MIME and Java Types
    MIME Type Java Type
    DataHandler.getContentType() instanceof DataHandler.getContent()
    image/gif java.awt.Image
    image/jpeg java.awt.Image
    text/xml or application/xml javax.xml.transform.Source
    Note that it is allowable to support additional mappings.

 public boolean isXOPPackage() 

    Read-only property that returns true if JAXB unmarshaller needs to perform XOP processing.

    This method returns true when the constraints specified in Identifying XOP Documents are met. This value must not change during the unmarshalling process.