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public class: XmlJavaTypeAdapter [javadoc | source]
Use an adapter that implements XmlAdapter for custom marshaling.


The @XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotation can be used with the following program elements:

When @XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotation is defined on a class, it applies to all references to the class.

When @XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotation is defined at the package level it applies to all references from within the package to @XmlJavaTypeAdapter.type().

When @XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotation is defined on the field, property or parameter, then the annotation applies to the field, property or the parameter only.

A @XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotation on a field, property or parameter overrides the @XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotation associated with the class being referenced by the field, property or parameter.

A @XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotation on a class overrides the @XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotation specified at the package level for that class.

This annotation can be used with the following other annotations: XmlElement , XmlAttribute , XmlElementRef , XmlElementRefs , XmlAnyElement . This can also be used at the package level with the following annotations: XmlAccessorType , XmlSchema , XmlSchemaType , XmlSchemaTypes .

Example: See example in XmlAdapter

Nested Class Summary:
static final class  XmlJavaTypeAdapter.DEFAULT  Used in {@link XmlJavaTypeAdapter#type()} to signal that the type be inferred from the signature of the field, property, parameter or the class. 
Method from javax.xml.bind.annotation.adapters.XmlJavaTypeAdapter Summary:
type,   value
Method from javax.xml.bind.annotation.adapters.XmlJavaTypeAdapter Detail:
 Class type() 
    If this annotation is used at the package level, then value of the type() must be specified.
 Class<XmlAdapter> value() 
    Points to the clsss that converts a value type to a bound type or vice versa. See XmlAdapter for more details.