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public class: RealmChoiceCallback [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Callback, java$io$Serializable

This callback is used by SaslClient and SaslServer to obtain a realm given a list of realm choices.
 public RealmChoiceCallback(String prompt,
    String[] choices,
    int defaultChoice,
    boolean multiple) 
    Constructs a RealmChoiceCallback with a prompt, a list of choices and a default choice.
    prompt - the non-null prompt to use to request the realm.
    choices - the non-null list of realms to choose from.
    defaultChoice - the choice to be used as the default choice when the list of choices is displayed. It is an index into the choices arary.
    multiple - true if multiple choices allowed; false otherwise
    IllegalArgumentException - If prompt is null or the empty string, if choices has a length of 0, if any element from choices is null or empty, or if defaultChoice does not fall within the array boundary of choices
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