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public class: AuthorizeCallback [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Callback, java$io$Serializable

This callback is used by SaslServer to determine whether one entity (identified by an authenticated authentication id) can act on behalf of another entity (identified by an authorization id).
 public AuthorizeCallback(String authnID,
    String authzID) 
    Constructs an instance of AuthorizeCallback.
    authnID - The (authenticated) authentication id.
    authzID - The authorization id.
Method from javax.security.sasl.AuthorizeCallback Summary:
getAuthenticationID,   getAuthorizationID,   getAuthorizedID,   isAuthorized,   setAuthorized,   setAuthorizedID
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Method from javax.security.sasl.AuthorizeCallback Detail:
 public String getAuthenticationID() 
    Returns the authentication id to check.
 public String getAuthorizationID() 
    Returns the authorization id to check.
 public String getAuthorizedID() 
    Returns the id of the authorized user.
 public boolean isAuthorized() 
    Determines whether the authentication id is allowed to act on behalf of the authorization id.
 public  void setAuthorized(boolean ok) 
    Sets whether the authorization is allowed.
 public  void setAuthorizedID(String id) 
    Sets the id of the authorized entity. Called by handler only when the id is different from getAuthorizationID(). For example, the id might need to be canonicalized for the environment in which it will be used.