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public interface: PersistenceUnitInfo [javadoc | source] Interface implemented by the container and used by the persistence provider when creating an EntityManagerFactory.
Method from javax.persistence.spi.PersistenceUnitInfo Summary:
addTransformer,   excludeUnlistedClasses,   getClassLoader,   getJarFileUrls,   getJtaDataSource,   getManagedClassNames,   getMappingFileNames,   getNewTempClassLoader,   getNonJtaDataSource,   getPersistenceProviderClassName,   getPersistenceUnitName,   getPersistenceUnitRootUrl,   getProperties,   getTransactionType
Method from javax.persistence.spi.PersistenceUnitInfo Detail:
 public  void addTransformer(ClassTransformer transformer)
    Add a transformer supplied by the provider that will be called for every new class definition or class redefinition that gets loaded by the loader returned by the PersistenceInfo.getClassLoader method. The transformer has no effect on the result returned by the PersistenceInfo.getTempClassLoader method. Classes are only transformed once within the same classloading scope, regardless of how many persistence units they may be a part of.
 public boolean excludeUnlistedClasses()
 public ClassLoader getClassLoader()
 public List<URL> getJarFileUrls()
 public DataSource getJtaDataSource()
 public List<String> getManagedClassNames()
 public List<String> getMappingFileNames()
 public ClassLoader getNewTempClassLoader()
    Return a new instance of a ClassLoader that the provider may use to temporarily load any classes, resources, or open URLs. The scope and classpath of this loader is exactly the same as that of the loader returned by PersistenceInfo.getClassLoader. None of the classes loaded by this class loader will be visible to application components. The container does not use or maintain references to this class loader after returning it to the provider.
 public DataSource getNonJtaDataSource()
 public String getPersistenceProviderClassName()
 public String getPersistenceUnitName()
 public URL getPersistenceUnitRootUrl()
 public Properties getProperties()
 public PersistenceUnitTransactionType getTransactionType()