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public interface: Iterator [javadoc | source] An iterator over a collection. {@code Iterator} takes the place of Enumeration in the Java Collections Framework. Iterators differ from enumerations in two ways:

This interface is a member of the Java Collections Framework.

Method from java.util.Iterator Summary:
hasNext,   next,   remove
Method from java.util.Iterator Detail:
 public boolean hasNext()
    Returns {@code true} if the iteration has more elements. (In other words, returns {@code true} if #next would return an element rather than throwing an exception.)
 public E next()
    Returns the next element in the iteration.
 public  void remove()
    Removes from the underlying collection the last element returned by this iterator (optional operation). This method can be called only once per call to #next . The behavior of an iterator is unspecified if the underlying collection is modified while the iteration is in progress in any way other than by calling this method.