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Interface Summary
CertPathBuilderResult A standard interface for the result of building a certificate path.
CertPathParameters Parameters for generating and validating certificate paths.
CertPathValidatorResult Interface to the result of calling CertPathValidator.validate(, 55 .
CertStoreParameters Parameters used when creating instances of CertStore.
CRLSelector A generic interface to classes that match certificate revocation lists (CRLs) to some given criteria.
X509Extension Public interface for the X.509 Extension.

Class Summary
Certificate The Certificate class is an abstract class used to manage identity certificates.
Certificate.CertificateRep Certificate.CertificateRep is an inner class used to provide an alternate storage mechanism for serialized Certificates.
CertificateFactory This class implements the CertificateFactory class interface used to generate certificates, certificate revocation lists (CRLs), and certificate paths objects from their encoded forms.
CertificateFactorySpi CertificateFactorySpi is the abstract class Service Provider Interface (SPI) for the CertificateFactory class.
CertPath This class represents an immutable sequence, or path, of security certificates.
CertPath.CertPathRep The serialized representation of a path.
CertPathBuilder This class builds certificate paths (also called certificate chains), which can be used to establish trust for a particular certificate by building a path from a trusted certificate (a trust anchor) to the untrusted certificate.
CertPathBuilderSpi The CertPathBuilder Service Provider Interface (SPI).
CertPathValidator Generic interface to classes that validate certificate paths.
CertPathValidatorSpi The service provider interface (SPI) for the CertPathValidator class.
CertStore A CertStore is a read-only repository for certificates and certificate revocation lists.
CertStoreSpi The service provider interface (SPI) for the CertStore class.
CollectionCertStoreParameters An implementation of CertStoreParameters with a simple, in-memory java.util.Collection of certificates and certificate revocation list.
CRL Certificate Revocation List class for managing CRLs that have different formats but the same general use.
LDAPCertStoreParameters Parameters for CertStores that are retrieved via the lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP).
PKIXBuilderParameters Parameters for building certificate paths using the PKIX algorithm.
PKIXCertPathBuilderResult The result of calling the 55 method of PKIX CertPathBuilders.
PKIXCertPathChecker A validator for X.509 certificates when approving certificate chains.
PKIXCertPathValidatorResult Results returned by the CertPathValidator.validate(, 55 method for PKIX CertPathValidators.
PKIXParameters Parameters for verifying certificate paths using the PKIX (Public-Key Infrastructure (X.509)) algorithm.
PolicyQualifierInfo The PolicyQualifierInfo X.509 certificate extension.
Support Support class for finding implementations of a particular algorithm or format within a provider.
TrustAnchor An ultimately-trusted certificate to serve as the root of a certificate chain.
X509Certificate X509Certificate is the abstract class for X.509 certificates.
X509CertSelector A concrete implementation of CertSelector for X.509 certificates, which allows a number of criteria to be set when accepting certificates, from validity dates, to issuer and subject distinguished names, to some of the various X.509 extensions.
X509CRL The X509CRL class is the abstract class used to manage X.509 Certificate Revocation Lists.
X509CRLEntry Abstract class for entries in the CRL (Certificate Revocation List).
X509CRLSelector A class for matching X.509 certificate revocation lists by criteria.

Exception Summary
CertificateEncodingException Exception for a Certificate Encoding.
CertificateException Exception for a Certificate.
CertificateExpiredException Exception for a Certificate Expiring.
CertificateNotYetValidException Exception for a Certificate that is not yet valid.
CertificateParsingException Exception for parsing a DER-encoded Certificate.
CertPathBuilderException Indicates a problem while using a CertPathBuilder, wrapping the lower exception.
CertPathValidatorException Indicates a problem while validating a certification path.
CertStoreException Indicates a problem while retrieving certificates and CRLs from CertStore, wrapping the lower exception.
CRLException Exception for a Certificate Revocation List.

Package Description