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java.rmi.activation: Javadoc index of package java.rmi.activation.

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ActivationGroupDesc: Contains information, necessary to create of recreate the activation objects. The group descriptor contains: The name of the group's class. This class is derived from the ActivationGroup . The group class code location. The marshalled object that contains the group specific initialization information The groups are created by the ActivationGroup.createGroup(java.rmi.activation.ActivationGroupID, java.rmi.activation.ActivationGroupDesc, long) 55 method that expectes the group class to have the two parameter constructor, the first parameter being the ActivationGroupID and the second the java.rmi.MarshalledObject ...
Activatable: A common ancestor for the implementations of the activatable objects. Such objects require persistent access over time and can be activated by the system. The derived classes also implements the needed interface of some remote object and usually have the two parameter constructor, the first parameter being the ActivationID and the second the java.rmi.MarshalledObject . Activatable is the main class that developers need to use to implement and manage activatable objects. It also contains methods for making activatable remote objects that are not derived from the Activatable class.
ActivationSystem: The ActivationSystem registers groups and activatable objects to be activated within those groups. The ActivationSystem cooperates with both the Activator, which activates objects registered via the ActivationSystem, and the ActivationMonitor, which obtains information about active and inactive objects and inactive groups. The activation system if frequently a remote object. As a security mean, all methods in this interface throw java.rmi.AccessException if called from the client that is not reside on the same host as the activation system.
ActivationID: Denotes the object that can be activated over time. The instance of the ActivationID for the given object can be obtained in the following ways: via Activatable.register(ActivationDesc) 55 via Activatable constructor via Activatable.exportObject An instance of the ActivationID has the java.rmi.server.UID as its component and hence is globally unique.
ActivationInstantiator: The implementation of this interface creates (instantiates) the new remote objects in response to the activation request. The instantiator is returned by the ActivationGroup that calls ActivationSystem.activeGroup(ActivationGroupID, ActivationInstantiator, long) 55 .
ActivationMonitor: The activation and inactivation event listener. The group obtains this listener via ActivationSystem.activeGroup(java.rmi.activation.ActivationGroupID, java.rmi.activation.ActivationInstantiator, long) 55 and must notify it when the group objects are activated or inactivated and also when the whole group becomes inactive.
ActivationDesc: Contains the information, necessary to activate the object. This information includes: the object class name the object group identifier the code location (codebase URL) that can be used to load the class remotely the object restart mode the object specific intialization information
ActivationGroupID: This identifier identifies the activation group inside the scope of its activation system. It also contains (and can provide) the reference to the groups activation system.
ActivationGroup_Stub: A stub class for ActivationGroup implementations.
ActivationGroup: The entity that receives the request to activate object and activates it. Frequently there is one activation group per virtual machine.
Activator: Activates remote object, providing the live reference to the activable remote object. Usually there is only one activator per host.
UnknownGroupException: Thrown when an ActivationGroupID parameter is invalid or unknown.
UnknownObjectException: Thrown when an ActivationID parameter is invalid or unknown.
ActivateFailedException: Thrown when activation fails on a remote call to an activatable object.
ActivationException: General exception class for java.rmi.activation .

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