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Uses of Class

Uses of ActivationGroupDesc.CommandEnvironment in java.rmi.activation

Fields in java.rmi.activation declared as ActivationGroupDesc.CommandEnvironment
(package private)  ActivationGroupDesc.CommandEnvironment ActivationGroupDesc.env
          The path to the group jre and the parameters of this jre, may be null for the default jre.

Methods in java.rmi.activation that return ActivationGroupDesc.CommandEnvironment
 ActivationGroupDesc.CommandEnvironment ActivationGroupDesc.getCommandEnvironment()
          Get the group command environment, containing path to the jre executable and startup options.

Constructors in java.rmi.activation with parameters of type ActivationGroupDesc.CommandEnvironment
ActivationGroupDesc(java.util.Properties aProperties, ActivationGroupDesc.CommandEnvironment environment)
          Create the new activation group descriptor that will use the default activation group implementation with the given properties and environment.
ActivationGroupDesc(java.lang.String aClassName, java.lang.String aLocation, java.rmi.MarshalledObject aData, java.util.Properties aProperties, ActivationGroupDesc.CommandEnvironment environment)
          Create the new activation group descriptor.