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Interface Summary
Compressor This interface models the common methods that every compressor must provide in order to be used as a "plugin" into the compression layer.
ContentHandlerFactory This interface maps MIME types to ContentHandler objects.
DatagramSocketImplFactory This interface defines one method which returns a DatagramSocketImpl object.
Decompressor This interface models the common methods that every decompressor must provide in order to be used as a "plugin" into the decompression layer.
FileNameMap This interface has one method which, when passed a filename, returns the MIME type associated with that filename.
Interpolator This is the common interface of every statistical modeler, from here interpolator.
SocketImplFactory This interface defines one method which returns a SocketImpl object.
SocketOptions This interface is used by SocketImpl and DatagramSocketImpl to implement options on sockets.
URLStreamHandlerFactory This interface contains one method which maps the protocol portion of a URL (eg, "http" in "") to a URLStreamHandler object.

Class Summary
Authenticator This abstract class provides a model for obtaining authentication information (in the form of a username and password) required by some network operations (such as hitting a password protected web site).
Connector This class manage the compression layer for the stream (connected) scenario.
ContentHandler This is an abstract class that is the superclass for classes that read objects from URL's.
D This is an utility class that provide an output method useful to print debug information.
DatagramPacket This class models a packet of data that is to be sent across the network using a connectionless protocol such as UDP.
DatagramSocket This class models a connectionless datagram socket that sends individual packets of data across the network.
DatagramSocketImpl This abstract class models a datagram socket implementation.
DConnector This class manage the compression layer for the datagram scenario.
DeflatingCompressor This class is the default compressor used in our compression layer.
HttpURLConnection This class provides a common abstract implementation for those URL connection classes that will connect using the HTTP protocol.
InetAddress This class models an Internet address.
InetSocketAddress InetSocketAddress instances represent socket addresses in the java.nio package.
InflatingDecompressor This class is the default decompressor used in our compression layer.
JarURLConnection This abstract class represents a common superclass for implementations of jar URL's.
LinearInterpolator This class is an implementation of the Interpolator interface and it uses a statistical approach called fixed point interpolation that I created during my master degree thesis.
Listener This class represents the two separate half parts of the measurement process upon which is based the statistical model used to drive the compression layer.
MimeTypeMapper This non-public class is used to implement the FileNameMap interface which defines a mechanism for mapping filenames to MIME types.
MulticastSocket This class models a multicast UDP socket.
NetPermission This class is used to model miscellaneous network permissions.
NetworkInterface This class models a network interface on the host computer.
PasswordAuthentication This class serves a container for username/password pairs.
PlainDatagramSocketImpl Written using on-line Java Platform 1.2 API Specification, as well as "The Java Class Libraries", 2nd edition (Addison-Wesley, 1998).
PlainSocketImpl The standard GCJ socket implementation.
ServerSocket This class models server side sockets.
Socket This class models a client site socket.
SocketAddress Abstract base class for InetSocketAddress.
SocketImpl This abstract class serves as the parent class for socket implementations.
SocketPermission This class models a specific set of permssions for connecting to a host.
URI A URI instance represents that defined by RFC3986, with some deviations.
URL This final class represents an Internet Uniform Resource Locator (URL).
URLClassLoader A secure class loader that can load classes and resources from multiple locations.
URLClassLoader.FileURLLoader A FileURLLoader is a type of URLLoader only loading from file url.
URLClassLoader.JarURLLoader A JarURLLoader is a type of URLLoader only loading from jar url.
URLClassLoader.RemoteResource A resource from some remote location.
URLClassLoader.RemoteURLLoader Loader for remote directories.
URLClassLoader.Resource A Resource represents a resource in some URLLoader.
URLClassLoader.URLLoader A URLLoader contains all logic to load resources from a given base URL.
URLConnection This class models a connection that retrieves the information pointed to by a URL object.
URLDecoder This utility class contains static methods that converts a string encoded in the x-www-form-urlencoded format to the original text.
URLEncoder This utility class contains static methods that converts a string into a fully encoded URL string in x-www-form-urlencoded format.
URLStreamHandler This class is the superclass of all URL protocol handlers.
VMNetworkInterface This class models a network interface on the host computer.
ZDatagramSocketImpl This class is the new datagram socket implementation used by the datagram socket factory in place of the plain-old one.
ZInputStream This class implements a growing ByteArrayInputStream.
ZObject This class implements an object type suitable to be serialized in a non-standard way.
ZOutputStream This object models an output stream that sends data through a Connector instance.
ZSocketImpl This class is the main entry point to the compression layer.
ZSocketImplFactory This class provides a new socket factory and it's the main entry point into the compression layer.

Exception Summary
AckException This exception is used to vehiculate the sequence number that originated the ack.
BindException This exception indicates that an error occurred while attempting to bind socket to a particular port.
ConnectException This exception indicates that an error occurred while attempting to connect to a remote host.
MalformedURLException This exception indicates that a URL passed to an object was not in a valid format.
NoMagicException This exception is thrown by ZObject when it cannot recognize the type of the packet because it cannot find the canonical signature (magic sequence).
NoRouteToHostException This exception indicates that there is no TCP/IP route to the requested host.
PortUnreachableException This exception signals that an ICMP port unreachable datagram has been received.
ProtocolException This exception indicates that some sort of low level protocol exception occurred.
SocketException This exception indicates that a generic error occurred related to an operation on a socket.
SocketTimeoutException This exception signals that a socket read or accept timed out.
UnknownHostException This exception indicates that an attempt was made to reference a hostname or IP address that is not valid.
UnknownServiceException Contrary to what you might think, this does not indicate that the TCP/IP service name specified was invalid.
URISyntaxException This exception is thrown when a String cannot be parsed as a URI.