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public interface: ImageProducer [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    HSBImage, SyntheticImage, RenderableImageProducer, MemoryImageSource, FilteredImageSource

The interface for objects which can produce the image data for Images. Each image contains an ImageProducer which is used to reconstruct the image whenever it is needed, for example, when a new size of the Image is scaled, or when the width or height of the Image is being requested.
Method from java.awt.image.ImageProducer Summary:
addConsumer,   isConsumer,   removeConsumer,   requestTopDownLeftRightResend,   startProduction
Method from java.awt.image.ImageProducer Detail:
 public  void addConsumer(ImageConsumer ic)
    Registers an ImageConsumer with the ImageProducer for access to the image data during a later reconstruction of the Image. The ImageProducer may, at its discretion, start delivering the image data to the consumer using the ImageConsumer interface immediately, or when the next available image reconstruction is triggered by a call to the startProduction method.
 public boolean isConsumer(ImageConsumer ic)
    Determines if a specified ImageConsumer object is currently registered with this ImageProducer as one of its consumers.
 public  void removeConsumer(ImageConsumer ic)
    Removes the specified ImageConsumer object from the list of consumers currently registered to receive image data. It is not considered an error to remove a consumer that is not currently registered. The ImageProducer should stop sending data to this consumer as soon as is feasible.
 public  void requestTopDownLeftRightResend(ImageConsumer ic)
    Requests, on behalf of the ImageConsumer, that the ImageProducer attempt to resend the image data one more time in TOPDOWNLEFTRIGHT order so that higher quality conversion algorithms which depend on receiving pixels in order can be used to produce a better output version of the image. The ImageProducer is free to ignore this call if it cannot resend the data in that order. If the data can be resent, the ImageProducer should respond by executing the following minimum set of ImageConsumer method calls:
     ic.setHints(TOPDOWNLEFTRIGHT | < otherhints >);
     ic.setPixels(...);      // As many times as needed
 public  void startProduction(ImageConsumer ic)
    Registers the specified ImageConsumer object as a consumer and starts an immediate reconstruction of the image data which will then be delivered to this consumer and any other consumer which might have already been registered with the producer. This method differs from the addConsumer method in that a reproduction of the image data should be triggered as soon as possible.