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java.awt.datatransfer: Javadoc index of package java.awt.datatransfer.

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FlavorListener: Interface for tagging an interest in FlavorEvents by a class. The flavorsChanged() method will be called with a FlavorEvent pointing to the Clipboard which has content in different Flavors available.
FlavorTable: A FlavorMap which no longer requires a 1-to-1 mapping between flavors. Any native can map to multiple flavors, and any flavor can map to multiple natives; although the mappings are usually symmetric.
SystemFlavorMap: This class maps between native platform type names and DataFlavors. XXX - The current implementation does no mapping at all.
FlavorEvent: Event indicating a Clipboard has different flavors available. Fired by a ClipBoard for registered FlavorListeners.
DataFlavor: This class represents a particular data format used for transferring data via the clipboard.
Clipboard: This class allows data to be transferred using a cut and paste type mechanism.
FlavorMap: This interface maps between native platform type names and DataFlavors.
UnsupportedFlavorException: The data flavor requested is not supported for the transfer data.
StringSelection: This class transfers a string as plain text using the clipboard.
Transferable: This interface is implemented by classes that can transfer data.
ClipboardOwner: This interface is for classes that will own a clipboard object.
MimeTypeParseException: MIME string couldn't be parsed correctly.

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